Playing Online Farkle

At online casinos, players can find a wide range of games in every shape and form. From classic card and table games to slots, bingo, keno arcade games and more. This is how most players get to know the game of Farkle. Also known as Zonk, Hotdice or Buzzball, online Farkle is an exciting dice game that players can play for free or for real money. The land based version of the game is played around a table with a cup for throwing the dice. In the online version, a random number generator is used to emulate the dice throw out of an electronic cup.

A Dice Game with a Difference

In a game of online Farkle, the game setup is quite simple. The main area of the screen is where the points are totalled. The top of the screen is the virtual cup and where the opponent (computer) is sitting. The game is played with six dice that are inserted into the cup and then rolled out onto the table. The game begins with the player making his or her first roll. To start the roll, players can click on the roll button. The aim of Farkle is to be the first player to collect 10 000 points. Once the roll has been make, the player can start collecting their points.

Starting the Game

With online Farkle, the computer will automatically calculate the points on each throw. Players can then bank the points by clicking on the bank button. After the initial throw, a player must choose which dice to keep and which dice to discard. After every throw one of the dice must be discarded. If the player manages to score all six dice on their first throw, this is called “hot dice” and they get to start again with six dice. Players can throw up to six times on each turn but must discard one of the dice after every throw.

Playing all 6 Throws

It is important to realise that in a game of online Farkle, not every roll will earn points. At the end of the six throws, the player then passes the dice over to the opponent to start their throws. If any of the players throw the dice that does not contain any points, the dice are Farkled and their turn is over and the player loses any points they accumulated in that turn. In the online version of the game, the computer will automatically roll the dice and calculate the points for the opponent. If a player scores high on their first throw, it could be worth banking the points passing the turn to avoid being Farkled and losing it all.

Calculating your Points

In a game of online Farkle, calculating your points can be a bit confusing. The good news is that the computer will automatically calculate your points on each throw. The two dice that score points with a just a single die are the 5 and the 1. A single 1 will score 100 points and a single 5 will score 50 points. None of the other numbers will score points on their own. From there, the points are calculated for dice combinations from pairs then trips, then four of kind, five of a kind, and six of a kind. Players will also score with a straight from 1 to 6. The highest score in Farkle is six 1’s scoring 4000 points.