The Annual Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s largest annual marathons, hosted by several cities comprising greater Boston in Massachusetts, Unites States of America. The Marathon was first held in 1897, inspired by the revival of the marathon of the 1896 Athens Summer Olympics.

This makes the Boston Marathon the oldest annual and continuously running marathon in the world.

The Boston Marathon was scheduled to be held on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday of April, and was initially seen as a sign linking the Athenian and American struggles for freedom.

The Boston Marathon is long-set in its American tradition, and it is also one of only six events held in the United States during the years of World War I and World War II.

The Growth of the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was initially held as a local event, but is has grown immensely since its original conception. The Boston Marathon now attracts approximately thirty thousand amateur and professional runners from all over the world, as well as roughly five hundred thousand spectators, making it one of the largest sporting events in the world.

Initially the Boston Marathon was also a free event, with winners receiving no more than a wreath woven from olive branches. This changed in the 1980s when corporate-sponsored cash prizes began being awarded as professional runners refused to run without cash rewards. The introduction of the Boston Marathon as a marketable cash-incentivised marathon has also made sports betting on the Boston Marathon more lucrative.

Betting on the Boston Marathon

Betting on an event such as the Boston Marathon takes place largely through external sports betting agents, and sports bettors will largely find themselves betting on who the winner of the race will be, though they may find a few other elements on which they wish to bet.

Betting through an external sports betting agent, which is now largely done online, is slightly different to attending an actual betting event, such as a horse race, and there are various things that sport bettors will need to familiarise themselves with before placing a bet on an event such as the Boston Marathon.

Reading the Fine Print

One element of the utmost importance when betting on an event such as the Boston Marathon through an external sports betting agent is that sports bettors need to familiarise themselves with the fine print and terms and conditions of the relevant sports betting site in order to ensure that they can safely place their bets without risk of miscommunication.

Some of these vital terms and conditions include factors such as that the bet the sports bettor places is set the moment it is recorded in the online system, and sports bettors cannot go back and make any changes. Sports bettors will normally receive a confirmation message to confirm that the bet has been accepted, but it is up to them to follow up and contact Costumer Care if such a message does not appear.

By making sure that they are familiar with the terms and conditions of their sports racing betting sites, sports bettors can ensure they have the best experience betting on a sporting event such as the Boston Marathon.