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Online Sports Betting Boxing

Online Sports Betting Boxing Betting

Most sports can be split into two categories, these being team sports and individual sports. Team sports can be difficult to bet on as they require all the individuals in the team to perform in unison in order to win a game or match. On the other hand, individual sports rely solely on the performance on one individual on the day. This can lead to massive upsets and defeats that bettors could not foresee. Boxing is an individual sport that requires a great amount of skill, mental fortitude and strength. As such, online sports betting boxing betting has become extremely popular at all online betting sites.

Getting into Boxing Betting

If you are new to the world of boxing betting, the good news is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. In a boxing match, there can only be three outcomes for a bettor, namely a win, a loss or a draw. This does not mean that there are only three type of bets that can be placed, with online sports betting boxing betting, bookmakers have created a host of exotic bets that pertain to the induvial boxers and the match itself. This gives bettors more of a choice on what type of bet they would like to place.

Simple or Exotic Bets

For those who are just starting out, the best way to get into online sports betting boxing betting is to start with a simple win/lose bet. This is the most basic bet that you will find online and it is as simple as predicting who will win the match. For the more experienced bettors, there are a number of exotic bets to choose from. The first exotic type bet that can be placed is TKO or Knockout bet. This is a bet on whether the match will end with a TKO (Technical Knockout) or a Knockout. Another type of exotic bet is a round bet. This is where a bettor places a bet on how many round the match will last before there is a knockout.

Types of Exotic Bets

With online sports betting boxing betting, some of the more difficult exotic bets include the first punch bet. This is a bet on which fighter will land the first punch. If there is an uneven match, bookmakers will set over/under bets. Here a point number is set and the bet is on whether the more experienced fighter will win by an amount over or under the allotted point number. In some cases, there are a number of boxing matches in one night. In these cased, bookmakers will set bets similar to horseracing where bettors can bet on multiple winners throughout the night.

Before You Bet

As with most types of sports betting, when it comes to online sports betting boxing betting, the more a bettor knows, the greater their chances of placing a winning bet. Before placing any bet it is best to do your homework and find out the physical status of the boxer in question, his current form, his previous fight record, and his mental state. Even things like where the fight is held plays a role on who will have the upper hand in the match.

Online Farkle

Playing Online Farkle

At online casinos, players can find a wide range of games in every shape and form. From classic card and table games to slots, bingo, keno arcade games and more. This is how most players get to know the game of Farkle. Also known as Zonk, Hotdice or Buzzball, online Farkle is an exciting dice game that players can play for free or for real money. The land based version of the game is played around a table with a cup for throwing the dice. In the online version, a random number generator is used to emulate the dice throw out of an electronic cup.

A Dice Game with a Difference

In a game of online Farkle, the game setup is quite simple. The main area of the screen is where the points are totalled. The top of the screen is the virtual cup and where the opponent (computer) is sitting. The game is played with six dice that are inserted into the cup and then rolled out onto the table. The game begins with the player making his or her first roll. To start the roll, players can click on the roll button. The aim of Farkle is to be the first player to collect 10 000 points. Once the roll has been make, the player can start collecting their points.

Starting the Game

With online Farkle, the computer will automatically calculate the points on each throw. Players can then bank the points by clicking on the bank button. After the initial throw, a player must choose which dice to keep and which dice to discard. After every throw one of the dice must be discarded. If the player manages to score all six dice on their first throw, this is called “hot dice” and they get to start again with six dice. Players can throw up to six times on each turn but must discard one of the dice after every throw.

Playing all 6 Throws

It is important to realise that in a game of online Farkle, not every roll will earn points. At the end of the six throws, the player then passes the dice over to the opponent to start their throws. If any of the players throw the dice that does not contain any points, the dice are Farkled and their turn is over and the player loses any points they accumulated in that turn. In the online version of the game, the computer will automatically roll the dice and calculate the points for the opponent. If a player scores high on their first throw, it could be worth banking the points passing the turn to avoid being Farkled and losing it all.

Calculating your Points

In a game of online Farkle, calculating your points can be a bit confusing. The good news is that the computer will automatically calculate your points on each throw. The two dice that score points with a just a single die are the 5 and the 1. A single 1 will score 100 points and a single 5 will score 50 points. None of the other numbers will score points on their own. From there, the points are calculated for dice combinations from pairs then trips, then four of kind, five of a kind, and six of a kind. Players will also score with a straight from 1 to 6. The highest score in Farkle is six 1’s scoring 4000 points.

Online Casino Bonus

Maximising your Online Casino Bonus

If you are familiar with online casinos, you will know that there are many advantages to playing online. As opposed to land based casinos, online and mobile casinos are instantly accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Online casinos also offer players the widest range of games that can be played for free or for real money. But for most people the best part about playing online is getting the most out of your online casino bonus. For those who are new to the world of online gambling, casino bonuses are incentives designed to encourage and reward players for signing up and playing at a specific casino.

What are Casino Bonuses?

When it comes to casino bonuses, there are two main types of bonuses found online, these being deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. The no deposit online casino bonus is designed for those players who are not quite ready to make a deposit and are new to the world of online gambling. The bonuses themselves come in two forms. The first type of no deposit bonus is a simple cash bonus where players receive a small sum into their online account as soon as they sign up. Players can then use this small cash sum to play any online casino game for real money.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit online casino bonus can also come in the form of a free spin bonus. This is where players receive a number of free spins on selected slot games as soon as they sign up for a free casino account. If players do manage to win money with their no deposit cash bonus or free spins, there are strict deposit and wager requirements that need to be met before the player can actually withdraw their winnings.

Welcome Bonus

The most common type of online casino bonus found online is the welcome bonus. This is also known as a deposit bonus because it requires players to sign up and make a deposit. Some online casinos offer a welcome package where players receive bonuses on their first three deposits but in most cases the welcome bonus refers specifically the first deposit made by any player. Welcome bonuses are generally cash match bonuses. This means the casino matches the amount the player deposits up to a certain limit.

Other Casino Bonuses

The welcome or deposit online casino bonus is generally the most lucrative bonus that you will find online. Many casinos offer a 100% cash match bonus as well as free spins thrown in for good measure. This means that a player will instantly double their money and get free spins on selected slot games at the casino. In addition to the no deposit and welcome bonus, most casinos offer birthday bonus and refer-a-friend bonuses where players are rewarded on their birthday and when they refer a friend or family member to the casino. These are bonuses that are designed to reward players for being loyal to the casino and encourage them to keep coming back when they play online.

No deposit iPhone casino

No Deposit iPhone Casino Games

When it comes to gambling and playing casino games, online and mobile casinos have completely revolutionised the industry. Today anyone with a computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device can go online and play the latest slots and casino games for free or for real money. If you own an iPhone, this means that you can use your phone to win real money from home or on the go. Players can also use their iPhone to access and play no deposit iPhone casino games for free at any time. Playing free casino game is fun and a great way to learn new games and hone your skills.

How to Get Started?

So how do you go about playing no deposit iPhone casino games? If you have your iPhone handy, getting started is actually quite simple. The first thing you need to do is register with a reputable online casino that offers mobile functionality. When it comes down to it, there are many online casinos to choose from. It is best to sign up with a casino that offers the widest range of games, complete mobile functionality, secure banking and a good range of casino bonuses for those players who want to play for real money.

Signing Up

To sign up for a casino account, all you have to do is log onto the casino website and tap on the signup button. As soon as you have created a free casino account you can start playing no deposit iPhone casino games. As the name infers, iPhone no deposit casino bonuses do not require players to make a deposit into their account in order to play. Players can simply select any game they want and play for as long as they like without worrying about how much they are winning or losing in the process.

Playing Instantly Online

When you are ready to start playing, there are two easy ways to access no deposit iPhone casino games. The first method is to simply log onto the mobile casino website and play flash games on your mobile web browser. Flash games use flash technology to transfer the game data directly to your mobile web browser. This means that you can simply tap on the game you want to play and it will load in your browser straight away. If players do want to play for real money, they can make a payment into their online casino account and swap over to real money mode at any time.

The iPhone Casino App

The second way to start playing no deposit iPhone casino games is to use the iPhone casino app. All top-rated mobile casinos have dedicated iPhone game and casino apps that players can download directly from the mobile website. To download the app, all you have to do is click on the Apple logo and the app will automatically download and install on your iPhone. Once the app has been installed, you can log in using your newly created login details and browse through the list of games. Once you have found a game you want to play, you can tap on the game and start playing.

Mobile Rugby Sports Betting

Mobile Rugby Sports Betting

When it comes to sport, rugby is a game that many people are passionate about. Played mostly in the commonwealth countries, rugby has become a national sport for many nations. It is played in schools, universities and at a professional level. If you are an avid rugby supporter, you have probably thought about placing a bet on a local game or international tournament. With mobile rugby sports betting, sports enthusiasts can go online and place bets on their favourite team from any tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Rugby League and Rugby Union

If you are keen to try your hand at rugby betting, there are a few things to take note of. In the world of mobile rugby sports betting, there are two forms of rugby being played on a professional level, these are rugby league and rugby union. Rugby union is a much slower game that is all about strategy. It is played for a shorter amount of time where play is more stop-start. Rugby union is a much faster type of game with a more fluid motion. Most international competitions are rugby union games. In both types of rugby, betting can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it.

Types of Ruby Bets

Rugby is a team sport where one team faces off against the other. As such, there are a number of bets that can be placed on the results of the game as well as specialised bets that can be played on the individual players and on the finer details of the game itself. In mobile rugby sports betting the following bets can be paced:

  • Winning Bet – This is a simple bet in which the bettor must decide which team will win the particular match.
  • Total Points – This bet is slightly more risky but tends to have a higher payout. In this bet, bettors must take a guess at what the total number of points will be at the end of the match for the combined score.
  • First Try – In mobile rugby sports betting, this bet is for those bettors who are familiar with the teams and the players. Bettors can bet on an individual player or team that will score the first try of the match.
  • Supremacy Bet – This is bet based on the number of points one team will beat the other by called the point number. A point number is the number of points in the winning team’s score that exceeds the losing team.
  • Future Bets – If there is a major tournament or international contest, bettors can make future bets on the team they think will win the overall tournament.

Before You Bet

In mobile rugby sports betting, it is best to place bets on a team that you are familiar with. The more a bettor knows about a team and the individual players, the greater their chances of placing a winning bet. If you don’t know how a team has performed in the past and their current form, there is no point in placing a sports bet in the first place.

Break da Bank 3 reel

Break Da Bank 3 Reel Classic Slots Game

Break da Bank 3 reel slots game is a game by the leading developer Microgaming. The theme, like many clever ideas, is quite simple. It is the ever-popular theme of many movies and stories, and portrays the fantasy that many gamblers have of breaking into the vault at the casino, cracking the safe and walking away with massive amounts of money without being caught. This game has the three reels of the classic slots game, and also five pay lines.

Still a Very Popular Game Worldwide

Break da Bank 3 reels is probably one of the most popular Microgaming slots games ever produced. It was released in 2008, and is still widely played in many countries, and has inspired numerous sequels and spin offs.

The symbols in the game Break da Bank 3 reels are all connected to the world of money. The player will see Dollar signs, Gold Coins, Vaults, the logo of Break da Bank, and the Bar that appears in any classic three reel slot game.  The colour scheme is green and gold and purple, all the colours of money. The Break da Bank logo is a very important symbol, being the Wild and a multiplier, and will double any prize won when it has replaced any other symbols in a winning combination. If there are two of these icons appearing in a winning combination, the Logo symbol will quadruple any winnings.

An Easy Pay-table to Read

Classic slots games are always great to play as they are usually easy to play and will give good payouts. In Break da Bank 3 reels there is a straightforward paytable that is easy to read, so the player can just hit the spin button and begin play. There is a chance of a free demo first if you would like to try it out before wagering real money. Betting options may be a bit limited, but the wagering limits allow penny bettors as well as high rollers.

Also a Great Experience on a Mobile Device

Break da Bank 3 reels can be played on any mobile device as well. Regardless of the actual device you use to play the game on, the experience will lose nothing in the transformation. The play panel features a couple of buttons, and a small screen showing how many credits you have left in your account.

Break da Bank 3 reels does not offer a progressive jackpot. There is, however, a fixed jackpot, or maximum win. To win this jackpot you have to land at least three of the Wild, the Break da Bank Logo, on a pay line, and the size of the jackpot will depend on how many of the pay lines are in play at that time.

Being a simple, three reel mobile slot game, Break da Bank 3 reel does not offer any additional prizes or bonus rounds, or any free spins. Break da Bank 3 reels is a classic slot that gets its popularity from its simplicity, and its potentially big prizes. Any player can enjoy this game, whether they are beginners or regular seasoned slots games players.

Black Knight

Black Knight Takes Place in the Old Time of Chivalry

Black Knight is an online slot game with five reels and thirty pay lines. It was created by the premier casino games developer Williams Interactive, or WMS. It has actually been so popular that recently a Black Knight 2 slots game has been introduced. This game is legendary, although it has been in land based casinos for a while.

This game is, as the name suggests, based on the exploits of the Black Knight. It takes the player back to a time of chivalry, and Kings and Queens, Knights, beautiful ladies, and of course Jesters. There are symbols of a crown, a golden orb, and sceptre and royal rings on the reels. It all takes place against the background of an old map of France. It is a straightforward Canadian casino game, fairly easy to play, even amidst the armour and knights on prancing horses.

Black Knight the Main Symbol

As expected, the main symbol is the Black Knight, although it is never really clear if he is a good or evil character. He certainly has nothing to do with the superheroes of the comics. He is the Wild symbol in the game, and only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.  He can replace any other symbol, also including the Scatter feature.  If the bonus round is triggered, the Black Knight becomes even more important, and fulfils another role in the game. If the Black Knight appears at any time during the seven free spins that are awarded, then he will expand across the whole reel and will be held there for the remainder of the free spins round. If the player is lucky, this can happen up to three times during the bonus round.

Profitable Free Spins Round

The Black Knight offers a classic slots game experience. The graphics, although colourful and attractive, are not spectacular. The main bonus offered in this game, and the most profitable, is the Black Knight bonus. This is activated when three or more of the Wild Black Knight appear anywhere on the reels. This is what leads to the seven free spins that is a clearly a desirable goal. During the free spins round the player will find many expanding wilds on the reels, and it will be seen that any appearance of the Black Knight can lead to a profitable payout. The free spins round cannot be reactivated.

A Progressive Jackpot Is Also Offered

All the player has to do to enjoy the game play is to determine the wager that is desired for the play, spin the reels, using the button on the right side of the screen, and then start playing the game.

Black Knight can be played for free and just for fun.  It is a very popular game in the land based casinos, but the player can find an authorised online casino site to open an account and begin playing for real money. Certainly the player will enjoy taking advantage of the various high jackpot wins available in the Black Knight slots game.

Like all WMS slots games, there is a progressive jackpot that is linked to Black Knight, and this accumulative jackpot can be triggered at any time. Black Knight can certainly also provide significant winnings.

Big Red Aristocrat slot

Big Red Aristocrat Slot One of Australia’s Favourites

Big Red is one of the premier gaming developer Aristocrat Technology’s most popular games. The game is based on the distinctive Australian outback, and the setting has all the elements of the outback. The symbols include kangaroos, crocodiles, dingoes, a wild boar and an eagle, and a lone tree in the desert. The standard playing card symbols are also present, nine and ten up to the Ace. Graphics and animations are crisp and add to the attractiveness of the game.

Big Red Aristocrat slot has good sound effects that complement the action, and the tempo of the sound increases as the game progresses. When you spin the reels, the sound of a kangaroo jumping can be heard. When you get a winning pay line, the symbols become animated and the kangaroo shakes his head and the tree shines in a lightning bolt. This is a fairly simple game, which will appeal to both the beginner and the regular player.

The Big Red Aristocrat slot game is named for the largest sand dune in Australia’s Simpson Desert, and the pokies game has a red backdrop reflecting the colour of the sand dunes in that region.

Big Red Offers a High Return on Bets

Big Red Aristocrat slot has been successful in Australia, which is the home of Aristocrat, as well as in other countries. There is great potential for big wins, and the outback setting appeals to all. Big Red also offers a very high return to players, compared to other online slot games. You can play this game for real money or you can try it for free before wagering any money. This pokies game has five reels, with three symbols on each reel, and five pay lines.

The lone Tree symbol is the Scatter, and the Kangaroo is the Wild. The Wild only appears on reels 3, 4 and 5, and can substitute for any other symbols in creating winning combinations, except for the Scatter. The Wild Kangaroo will also trigger the multiplier feature.  The Tree Scatter can appear anywhere on the reels, and will multiply your winnings.

Free Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus round is activated when you find one or more of the Wild Kangaroos on a pay line. This will award the player five free spins. Each time that happens, the player will win another five free spins. During the free spins your wins will be doubled by a two times multiplier.

The free spins round can be retriggered by the Tree Scatter appearing anywhere during the free spins round. When the Scatter does appear during the free spins, you will win the same prize as the pay line that activated the free spins feature. Re-spins can award he player with some huge wins, as this feature can be retriggered again and again until you end up with an enormous number of free spins. The maximum number of spins that can be won is 255. Big Red Aristocrat slot game is slightly different from other Aristocrat games in that the Scatter does not offer any special rewards unless it appears on a winning pay line.

A Gamble Feature

Big Red Aristocrat slot has a Gamble, or Double up feature. This means you have a chance to double your winnings by guessing correctly the colour or the suit of the next card drawn. The player should remember that if he gets it wrong he will forfeit all the winnings he tried to gamble with.

Best bingo bonuses

Looking for the Best Bingo Bonuses

Bingo bonuses are available in generous quantities online. The best bingo bonuses, however, are very much horses for courses, and players should understand their own playing level and needs. For example, beginners and players just looking to play bingo for the pure fun of it, will find no deposit bonuses best, whereas seasoned players aiming to make some real money playing bingo may find the best bingo bonuses for them to be the deposit bonus selection and offers.

The betting market online is huge. All the components, whether that is bingo playing, table games, slot machines, sports betting or lottery games are competing for a share of the market. Competition between the myriad of apps and sites catering to this market is fierce, so in order to attract and retain their valuable visitors, each of the various components will offer a range of bonuses. The range of bonuses that the bingo game developers employ are in some cases offered freely, and in other cases come with certain conditions, such as joining the bingo room and becoming a member. There are quite a number of potential conditions and these include making a deposit at the bingo room, being a loyal and consistent member, participating in tournaments, referring friends, or for being a high roller at the bingo tables.

Deciding on a Particular Bonus

It is for this reason that there is often no single best bingo bonus. All are valuable in their own right. Some bonuses may, however, benefit particular players more than others. A bonus that bingo players request most frequently is a no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, with this bingo bonus players do not have to deposit any of their own money at the casino in order to participate in bingo games. A no deposit bonus will be given to a player as soon as they register at an online bingo site.

Real Money Bonuses

Another valuable bonus is one that attracts many players who want to bet with real money, and participate in games with the aim of making more money. The best bingo bonuses for them would be the deposit bonuses, which are given by bingo sites when a deposit is paid into a bingo account. The actual value of the bonus differs between bingo sites, and some comparison is essential.

Depending on their marketing strategy, and whether they aim to attract new players or retain their current base, online bingo sites may offer regular, or loyal players free access to big money games, and sometimes into huge jackpot events.

Special Offers Available Too

On the other hand, bingo sites also give away free bingo tickets to new players in order for them to have a way of experiencing the mind-numbing thrills of a good game of bingo. Another bonus that appears on many players’ best bingo bonuses list is the Buy One Get One Free bonuses. These are an offer of a free bingo ticket with every one bought. Many players enjoy the social aspect of the game and appreciate inviting friends.

The best bingo bonuses are therefore not one single bonus, but rather the bonuses that will enable you, as the player, to achieve your specific aims when playing bingo.

Best online casino

What the Best Online Casino Looks Like

The argument for seeking out the best online casino is that the benefits offered by the better and more reputable sites makes a real impact and certainly helps players achieve true success. This is why these sites are so well received and why they go out of their way to prove fairness and random number generation, even to the point of enabling players to check the randomness themselves.

The basic philosophy and mission of the online casino fraternity is to provide games that people will love to play. The better sites will be operating on the most reliable, trustworthy and cutting edge casino software. The top software developers now all have highly rated, stable and secure games of all varieties as well as backend casino software, and it on these platforms that the casino sites operate. The software manufacturers are also audited, and have their software tested at all levels to maintain their reputation in an industry that depends highly on integrity.

Games are a Crucial Factor

The best online casinos all have the latest, most innovative and highly acclaimed slot machines. This is because the slots games are by far the most popular games on the net and on mobile, and any casino wishing to attract decent volumes of play will have a comprehensive selection of the latest games. Slots machines have become ever more intricate, with secondary video games and interactive aspects, 3D graphics and progressive jackpots attracting ever more players.

Traditional Casino Table Games

Obviously, in order to be the best online casino, the traditional classic table games must also be available, and at various game play and stakes levels. Blackjack is a main-stream choice, and can be provided at casinos in both single hand and multi hand formats.

No casino could consider themselves the best without the television and tournament favourite that is poker. In fact, the best casinos offer live dealers and multi-hand Texas Hold’em as well as Casino Hold’em and several similar variants. Then, to cater to all tastes and offer specialty games of chance, both European and American roulette should be included. The best online casino will clearly also need to offer video poker and known games like craps, baccarat, bingo and keno.

The Casino Management Package

Apart from the games and all the possible options, perhaps the most overlooked aspect when considering the best online casino is the casino management system. In many ways a casino is only as good as the software that powers it. Ongoing backend development over the past 30 years has led to sites now having advanced casino management systems. These systems include a range of effective applications that can assist players through custom made reports that track all casino operations in real time.

The software classifies players so that the efficacy of promotions can be maximized, and bonuses and loyalty points can be awarded accurately and instantly. The apps facilitate communication between players and the best online casino sites and not only enable faster quicker access to information but facilitate a quicker response to player queries, as well as preventing fraud and bonus abuse.

Therefore, it is probably the casino management package that it is best to consider if one were to seek out the best online casino.

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