Horse Betting

Horse Racing – The Father Of Horse Betting

The Competition Of Horse Racing

Horse racing is considered to be a form of equestrian performance sport. This type of sport requires 2 or more riding horses as well as their individual jockeys. These horses will then race each other over a set distance to compete for the winning position. Horse racing is considered to be an ancient sport and horse betting is also one of the first betting types to be born.

Horse racing may vary from country to country as many countries have developed their own racing styles and traditions. Some countries race strictly according to breeds, different races offer different distances, the track surfaces of racing events might differ and there are races where the horses have to jump over obstacles during the course of the race.

The majority of horse races around the work involve some form of horse betting. This sport is considered to be the most betted on sport around the world.

Different Types Of Races

  • Allowance – This is considered a non-claiming horse race and special entry conditions are applicable
  • Derby – Horse betting on horse all aged 3 years
  • Claiming – The horses running in this race are all for sale. The prices are determined before the race and you can buy the horse before the race. You can however not claim the horse until the race is over.
  • Maiden – This race is limited to non-winning horses.
  • Sprint – The distance of this particular race is limited to less than a mile
  • Route – This race stretches over a distance of 1 mile or further
  • Oaks – Horse Betting can be done only on the fillies of 3 years old, running this race

Know The Conditions Of The Track Before You Bet

You should know before you engage in horse betting that various conditions could affect the outcome of races. Some horses do better on certain tracks. The list of conditions is endless. It is however important to read up on the track on which a race will take place. This will assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to horse betting.

  • Fast track – This is usually a dirt track which is considered to be resilient and very fast. If also often happens that these types of tracks are also dry and even.
  • Wet fast track – The base of such a track are firm but due to rain the surface are somewhat wet.
  • Off track – These tracks are not considered fast
  • Muddy track – This refers to a track that is wet right through but there is no standing water anywhere on the tracks.
  • Sloppy track – This type of horse racing track is known to have a very firm base but does have standing water as well as a wet surface.
  • Good track – This is a perfect balance between a fast and a slow track.
  • Slow track – This track usually is wet from the surface right through to the base.

Horse betting sports have been around for ages and it is advised to familiarise yourself with the sport and how it works before you engage in horse betting by putting actual money on the line.